Family things: The house and its furnishings in historical comparison. Exhibition in the Museumsdorf from spring 2018.  

The BMBF association’s findings on living in the family house will be prepared for a broad audience in a subsequent exhibition in the Museumsdorf Cloppenburg. The exhibition is dedicated to the origin, present and future of living and life in the family house, with general cultural and material conditions both being equally relevant. The themes range from the conception and furnishing of individual spaces to the choice of forms and construction materials in the (re)building of complete houses. Here a museological (and thereby an object-centred) and simultaneously experimental approach is aimed for, in order to negotiate current findings and sentiments on living in the family house, the dealing with things and the associated use of resources in a symbolic, technical-material and comparative historical dimension. The development of the exhibition concept in the Museumsdorf is thereby not subordinate to the ethnographic and material-analytical data gathering but from the beginning takes place in parallel – as a complementary scientific work incorporating the collections of the Museumsdorf. In this way, comparative historical object analysis and newly collected material are directly interlocked and translated into an innovative exhibition concept.